Philosophy, Ethics & Green culture


Our way of working is based on the ethical value of the company in accordance  with the sustainable development and through a correct utilization of all the environmental, human and financial resources without compromising the resource heritage which the future generations will have at their disposal.

We have combined the power of design with the will to be a innovative company.

We have placed side by side the economic field and the ethical, environmental and social ones, creating day after day  an “ethical” company, in the sense of its assumption of responsibility towards a global system. For this reason all the used panels are in Class E1 with a very low formaldehyde emission.

The International standard focus on the ethical level and the social responsibility of our stakeholders of it, employees, customers, suppliers and public institutions.

The headquarter is situated in Umbria, the green heart of Italy, where the alchemy between cleverness of the craftsmen jointed to technological innovation and creativity get life to high-quality products and for this reason “timeless”.

Anna Baby Room  is a synonymous of quality and design. The philosophy behind Anna Baby Room is to create spaces specifically  projected and built for the children with attention, care and affection, spaces in which the children can grow in harmony and carefreeness. Unique products for unique children. We are partners of lots designers all around the world and we develop with them unique, brilliant and inimitable projects.


Every activity of the Company is based on a Ethical and Social Responsibility code.

For this reason, the wood we use comes from controlled cultivation where the ecosystem is ensured by a constant reforestation, and is subsequently treated only with natural materials, water-based paints or natural waxes.

For the same environmental sensitivity, all of our catalogues and our products are printed on FSC certified paper.


FSC is a forest certification scheme conceived to ensure that the certified forests from which the wood-derived materials come from (such as paper) are managed in a responsible way, in accordance with economic, social and environmental criteria (as defined by the Forest Stewardship Council) able to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity, the rights of forest-dependent populations, to ensure the survival of the same forest.

A strong social and environmental awareness that drive us to be responsible in compliance with the environment, our employees, clients and customers.

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