Research, Quality & Innovation

The ability to create “timeless” products has to be found in the craftsmanship and in the  technological vocation, in being able to constantly combine creativity with technological and planning ability.

Sturdy bedrooms with robust  materials which guarantee the possibility to be assembled again and again to adapt them to new requirements.

Our management provides a global and coherent approach involving all company functions in the achievement of the mission, with the aim of satisfying all stakeholders from customers to suppliers,  from the staff to the social partners, and finally to management.

Our guide- values are: 

• the customer orientation,
• a management system focused on processes,
• the continuous improvement,
• the involvement of the staff,
• partnerships with suppliers,
• an internal promotion of the culture of quality

We construct safe furniture.

For this reason all our products are provided with slow-motion locks which prevent a sudden release and consequently avoid that children’s toes could accidently get stuck.

Our history is made up of daily responsibility based on reliability and respect with which we build quality furniture.


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